The new DIVA series watch also uses a stunning new dial material - high-tech composite fiber

In the classic theme of the rolex replica watches different interpretation of the dial inlaid bright cut diamonds, to the uk replica watches Bulgari in this area of ​​the glorious tradition of tribute. Another interpretation of the two rolex uk for the selection of a stunning new dial material - high-tech composite fiber. Exquisite unique aesthetic charm of this high-tech materials as a bright spot. The composite fiber is made by heating a mixture of cotton fiber and wood fiber, which is a very special material manufacturing process. This powerful organic material is then cut into strips and specially treated and polished and polished, and then made into a dial, so each dial has a unique texture and design. After the manufacturing process to create the material has a unique random appearance, making the DIVA watch presents a unique brown and white refute effect. Two watches are still retained gem style, but the expression is more low-key. Round bright cut diamonds set in the bezel and fan-shaped lug above. Another full set of inlaid bright cut diamond watch is bold interpretation of the Bulgari in the gem of the glorious history. 2015 DIVA watch technical parameters 33mm diameter, 18K rose gold case, inlaid 78 bright cut diamonds (about 0.94 kt); 18K rose gold crown inlaid with a convex round cut tourmaline; gray and champagne gold satin strap models are drawn from natural pure Cotton and wood fiber composite fiber dial, inlaid 12 diamond time scale (about 0.13 kt), with 18K rose gold Ardillon retro clasp. Black silk bracelet with a set of 233 bright cut diamonds (about 0.95 karats) pavé diamonds dial, with 18K rose gold Ardillon retro clasp; Bulgari custom quartz movement and decorated with Bulgari logo (B046) ; Water depth of 30 meters. BVLGARI Bvlgari LVMH Group's business BVLGARI Bvlgari was founded in 1884, from a jewelry store, has now gradually developed into a symbol of Italy's excellent quality gorgeous jewelry brand. By opening a retail network in the world's top shopping district and creating a wide range of products from jewelery, high-end watches, all kinds of leather goods, silverware and perfume to the hotel, BVLGARI is renowned for its international luxury goods market. Outstanding success.