Capture "when" "light" of the shadows - Bvlgari LVCEA series watch

Everyone has a dream aspire to the fake rolex watches country, where we look forward to the swiss replica watches civilization, into the dense culture of the swiss replica watches old city, there are fresh and beautiful mountains, simple pastoral landscape ... I believe that Italy is the hearts of many paradise. In addition to the glorious history of the Roman period, the splendid masterpiece of the Renaissance, the sunny village under the sunshine, the medieval town full of roundabout melody ... it is fascinating and dreaming. Italy is located in southern Europe, has breed the Roman culture and Etruscan civilization, 14 to 15 century, the unprecedented prosperity of the Italian art is also the cradle of the Renaissance, the world's largest world heritage of the country. Mention of human civilization, to say that there must be time and time of the recorder - light. In order to calculate the time, ancient humans invented sundials. Some of the tools of recording time, such as the quadrant as a sundial component, were first unearthed in ancient Egypt and later found in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Sundial, the original meaning refers to the shadow of the sun. The principle is the use of the sun's projection direction to determine and divide the time, usually by the sundial and sundial surface composition. The use of sundial timing method is a major invention in the field of astronomical time, which highlights the light and the time is inseparable. Was born in the cradle of civilization in the Italian watch brand Bvlgari LVCEA watch, with light as a inspiration, picking a bunch of bright light of the decoration of the dial, so that the flow of time with the eternal shine. \ Bvlgari LVCEA ladies watch is the sundial praise, it makes history glow new, will be superior performance and creative design perfect fusion. The watch is a round case, rounded smooth case, light base, like an inclusive Italian, geography, history, politics, social life and its artistic culture, thought culture and literature, like a rich culture Brocade. These far-reaching historical heritage also gives the Bvlgari LVCEA ladies watch unique and distinctive features, which is condensed in the watch on the implication. While the dial is the combination of light and shadow and women's soft style, highlighting the unparalleled personality charm. The plane of the radiation pattern is like the sun emerge out of the light, the whole not only gives a three-dimensional visual sense, but also convey the series of watches to express the light and time closely related to the essence. Sundial style of the disk design, exudes a classic elegant charm, very charming charm. \ Dial on the Ambilight, with a red cable decorated with silver silver opal dial with rose gold pointer, from the details of the embodiment of the sense of dignity. While the Roman numerals XII and VI, then show this series of watches in the pure blood of the ancient Roman elements, luxury, magnificent, delicate look more layered, very weary. Bulgari jewelry design bold, unique style, much favored by women. LVCEA female watch in the design to meet the women's jewelry dream, each LVCEA watch the crown are embedded in a clear gem. One of the noble purple gem is particularly unique, in addition to the crown is also inlaid with a bright diamond, fine and excellent quality. \\ LVCEA bracelet from the Bulgari Serpenti series get inspiration, its winding bracelet scales beautiful, comfortable to wear, and Each section of the chain are seamlessly connected. At the same time, in 2015 Bvlgari also introduced the LVCEA series of gemstone blue, Bordeaux red and bare pink crocodile leather color band, for the wearer to provide more choices. Not only the strap, watches also provide platinum, rose gold or steel material, as well as diamonds or mother of pearl decorated into the disk, distributed female emotional charm. \\\\ Bulgari watches are not for the creation of the public, each free and easy, there is no rigid bound, LVCEA series also so. Bulgari LVCEA watch design reflects a strong Greek and Italian classical style. Time to the Boggie inspiration, Bogulian light so that "when" "light" shadows become more beautiful bright. Bvlgari time and the essence of Italy, the perfect cohesion in the LVCEA this series of watches, it is intoxicated.